There is an expansive hole in the music market that has left many listeners with a thirst for music that touches with creativity, depth, inspiration and renewed passion. The music industry is not focused on generations of people who cannot connect emotionally or intellectually with commercial pop, rap, and the latest retread of a boyband.  James offers new, original and classic music that reflects a deeper experience and allows this group to connect to themselves and their own gloriously complex worlds of experience.  

Circuitous routes are part of artistic life and James' journey has been no less. 

After a series of life altering events, the gravitational pull of music was too strong and he made the leap of faith.  "As cliche as it may sound, music literally saved my life and I haven't looked back... I'm so lucky and so grateful." 

As a performer... he has strong credentials as former co-lead vocalist for the Arizona based show band THE GROOVE MERCHANTS and having appeared as a solo performer, and along with other notable musicians at such well known venues as 

    •    EDDIE'S ATTIC and THE RED LIGHT CAFE...Atlanta, GA

    •    LESTAT'S...San Diego, CA

    •    THE RHYTHM ROOM...Phoenix, AZ

    •    THE MIXUP BAR...Phoenix, AZ

    •    JANEY'S... Cave Creek,AZ

    •    THE OMNI...Paradise Valley, AZ

    •    THE RAVEN... Prescott, AZ

as well as many European venues. He's opened for well known acts such as The Tubes, Steve Poltz, Monty Montgomery and others.  His nomadic upbringing has served him well. Calling New Orleans his "spiritual home", the years living there had a tremendous formative effect. There is a sense of experience in his voice seldom encountered these days that draws the listener in to each song's deeper levels. A change of rhythm, a tweak of key, brings a freshness to the music be it original, new, or classic tune.  James has a strong vocal presence not to be missed...